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Business Solutions for Electronic Trading

There is no generic solution for electronic trading business.

Each company has its own unique business goals, objectives and strategies. Argo Trading Platform components can be easily customized into a robust, yet flexible solution just for your needs.

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Exchange Solution

A full-featured end-to-end exchange solution complete with matching engine, customized settlement and clearing routines, order management, market data distribution, and risk management facilities can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently using Argo technology.

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We can help you to gain a competitive edge by providing an all-in-one fully scalable high-performance solution, tailored to the needs of your brokerage house.

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Alternative Trading System, Dark Pool

Our white label low latency platform can be easily deployed as an alternative trading system. Our sophisticated matching engine is optimized for best performance and can support such order types as limit, market, stop loss, stop limit, iceberg; one-cancel-other and if-done combinations; Day, GTD, GTC, GFS, IOC, FOK, and AON TIFs.

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Argo Trading Platform is a full-featured solution that provides facilities for all workflows of a modern marketplace. It can be easily customized and quickly deployed for an over-the-counter trading environment.

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