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Exchange Simulation Environment

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Simulate Market with Argo Matching Engine

Developers of trading applications normally require special order management and market data test connections to their exchanges. Although many markets maintain simulation environments, real life market liquidity usually is not provided. Diagram above shows how we have used Argo Matching Engine to build a powerful simulation environment for CME. Now our customers who are writing automatic trading strategies with Argo Trading Platform and Argo Robots API can get the necessary mileage before going into production. To assist in realistic testing of automatic trading applications we have added a simulation of different network conditions and timings.

Simulate Market with Argo Matching Engine

How Market Simulation Works

We have substituted Argo Matching Engine inbound FIX interface with CME iLink complaint module and used CME MDP 3.0 and FIX/FAST 2.0 protocols to publish market data. We have designed a special Argo Matching Engine plug-in module, Market Maker (MM). MM is responsible for converting market data coming from the exchange into buy and sell limit orders that are posted into Argo Matching Engine Order Book. Client orders are matched against MM contra orders. If trade is made, the corresponding Execution Reports are sent back to the owners’ FIX sessions and MM module gets notified as well. MM keeps track of its orders in Matching Engine Order Book and adjusts total quantities on each price level as necessary, submitting new orders and/or canceling existing ones based on new market depth updates coming from the exchange.

Argo Matching Engine can be configured to load several MM modules to simulate different markets. MMs that can capture CME and ICE are readily available.

Free One-Hour Design Session!

Please contact Argo SE to find out how you can use Argo Matching Engine to simulate your market.
Allow one of our experienced software engineers to discuss the project requirements with you or your team, and produce a candidate system architecture diagram along with a draft project plan.

Argo Trading Platform Source Code Licenses

You can purchase ATP source code by paying a one-time license fee and distribute the application to your clients without paying additional fees. We offer distributable licenses for software developers and brokers.

Buying Argo Trading Platform can save you several man-years of in-house development.

Our source code licenses may cost you less than binary executables from our competitors.

We also provide free white labeling.


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