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Financial Technology – Argo Software Engineering

Argo SE is a financial technology provider.  We design highly efficient electronic trading and risk  management software. Our engineers strive to produce innovative solutions and offer expert professional services that meet ever-evolving needs of our customers. Our flagship product, Argo Trading Platform, is built upon a set of quality software components such as order management system (OMS), risk management server and front-end, high performance price-time priority FIFO and pro-rata matching engine, market data dissemination facility, trading front-end with market data charting and technical analysis tools, FIX hub/router, C++ and Risk Management C++/.NET/RESTful API and Reliable Multicast Messaging System (RMCast). These components are architected to work in concert to provide a fast and robust, yet flexible, asset-agnostic, multi-user trading environment.

We have certified ATP with many trading venues and market data providers including CME and ICE.

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About Argo Software Engineering

Argo SE is a provider of highly efficient software for financial markets. We strive to produce innovative solutions and offer services that meet ever-evolving needs of our customers. Our main focus is the development of quality software components for our flagship product – broker-neutral, multi-asset, multi-user.
We offer simple proven solutions. We offer dedication and diligence. We offer success.

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