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Application Programming Interface (API)

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Argo C++ Trading API

Argo Trading Platform can be integrated with third-party and in-house applications using Argo Trading API. Click on the class diagram to get more details, or see complete API reference.

Argo Web API

Argo Web API is built as a RESTful web service. It can be divided into three sub-domains: order management, market data and risk info. An authorization (logon) procedure is required before any Trading API calls can be made. Typically, Web API returns data in xml format. Requests are HTTP Get and Post messages. Some requests contain JSON formatted objects.
Read documentation for Argo Web API’s:


Back-testing allows an automatic strategy developer to verify his algorithms implemented in API-based application (robot) without sending orders to live markets.

Back-testing workflow includes the following activities:

  • Collect market data for back-testing market simulation engine
  • Modify API-based program source code to allow market data replay, market simulation, and print-out of P&L results
  • Modify API-based program configuration
  • Run API-based program(robot) in simulation mode
  • Analyze P&L Results

Argo Trading Platform Source Code Licenses

You can purchase ATP source code by paying a one-time license fee and distribute the application to your clients without paying additional fees. We offer distributable licenses for software developers and brokers.

Buying Argo Trading Platform can save you several man-years of in-house development.

Our source code licenses may cost you less than binary executables from our competitors.

We also provide free white labeling.


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