Algorithmic Trading

Argo Robots is a server-based algorithmic (black-box) trading framework. Argo Robot framework is seamlessly integrated with Argo Trading Platform components — Argo Trader, Order Router, MD Feeder and Risk Manager Server. Designer of automatic strategy writes an automatic trading program ( “robot”) using our powerful Trading API. API includes a complete set of order management, market data interfaces as well as a number of mathematical and statistical functions that are neccessary for technical analysis based algorithms. The robot is built into a dynamic link library (we provide examples) and injected into the Argo Robot Server. Here is Argo Robot developer’s guide .

Argo Robots framework is written on C++ for optimal performance and portability. Source code licenses are available.

For web-based front-end developers we provide RESTful Trading API.

Please contact us for information regarding new ATP trading strategy backtesting facilties.

Algorithmic Trading Framework - Diagram

Robot Control Facilities

Trader starts a new robot instance via Argo Trader robot control panel and submits robot’s start-up parameters to the hosting server. The hosting server starts the robot. Robot receives market data, risk control messages and sends orders to the markets. It reports its status back to Argo Trader. For each running robot Argo Trader displays positions, P&L and, also, robot-specific information. Trader can control robot execution, stop and restart robot by sending commands and modifying robot parameters — on the fly!

Robot control facilities can also be integrated into your own application using our Argo Robot Control API.