Argo Messaging System

Argo Reliable Multicast (RMCast) is a high-performance messaging system. We have designed it to satisfy high throughput, low latency, scalability and adaptability demands of modern market data distribution and real-time risk management systems.

If you are a trader, you know how important it is to get prices on time. If you are an IT professional working for a trading company you know how difficult it can be to achieve. The price update has to be delivered to each trading screen as soon as it hits your network. Even a fraction of a second delay is not acceptable for a trader. Classical point-to-point methods of market data distribution just don’t cut this. Argo RMCast delivers price updates to all trading applications simultaneously and reliably. Each price update not only reaches all processes at the same time, but also can be resent in a fraction of millisecond if necessary.

RMCast Provides

  • sender-receiver decoupling and location transparency via implementation of publish-subscribe topic (subject)-based addressing with wildcards support;
  • one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one inter- and intra-process communication;
  • daemon-less architecture, which eliminates extra data copying and contents switching;
  • reliable UDP multicast, “raw” UDP multicast and TCP-based messaging;
  • extensive parameterization to allow fine tuning for different communication scenarios;
  • C++ and .Net API implemented as dynamic link libraries;
  • flexible threading model, which allows an application to implement the most efficient schema for inbound message dispatch and processing;
  • supports Windows, Linux and major UNIX platforms;
  • a number of example programs demonstrate variety of usage patterns.

RMCast News

  • Release
    We have significantly improved overall perfomance, increased throughput, reduced latency by 16%.
    New release is available for download.
  • Release
    We have improved multicast packets loss recovery algorithm and reduced recovery time significantly.
    New release is available for download.
  • Release
    We have added several optimization features, allowing application more granular control of the message dispatch algorithm.

Evaluation version of RMCast is available for download