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Latest News - Argo Software Engineering

Argo SE announces a new release of Argo Trading Platform. A new release features support for several variations of pro-rata order matching algorithm, call auctions and performance improvements. 

Argo Trading Platform Audit Trail functionality was certified  by Chicago Mercantile Exchange. 

Argo SE announces release of new high-frequency trading platform (HFTP). Argo HFTP is based on ATP components. It integrates order management and market data adapters and trading API in one process eliminating latency of interprocess communications. The solution is designed for high frequency traders and market makers.


Argo Trading Platform implements CQG FIX Connect order management and market data protocols.


Argo Trading Platform has been certified for use with CME iLink Market Segment Gateway (MSGW) Architecture.

A new version of Reliable Multicast Messaging System RMCast has been released. The latest release introduces substantial performance improvements and bug fixes.

A new version of Argo Trading Platform has been released. It provides extended support for equities trading, including Level 2 market data feed and risk limit management extensions, and a new version of Argo Matching Engine with added support for Market If Touched (MIT) orders.

Argo Trading Platform has passed KCG Hotspot FIX certification.

Argo Trading Platform has been certified by CME to use Market Maker functionality including Mass Quotes, Market Maker Protections, Quote Cancel-All, per Group, and per Instrument.

Argo Trading Platform has been certified for use with CQG FIX Direct (FIX4.4) protocol. Placement, cancelation, modification of MKT, LMT, STP, STL orders; Execution reports; Security Definition are supported.

A backtesting facility has been added to our trading API. It allows automatic trading strategy (or robot) developers to test their algorithms against recorded market data.
The backtesting engine simulates trades (fills) based on historical market depth, BBO, and/or last trade information, and generates P&L valuation after test run.

Argo Trading Platform has been integrated with NSE Tick-by-Tick market data protocol.

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