Market Data Feeder

MD Feeder is a core of ATP market data distribution system. It consolidates client market data subscription requests, obtains data using market data provider protocols, maintains market data cache and delivers updates to subscribers using Argo messaging system (RMCast) via TCP or reliable multicast UDP. The latter option has an advantage of delivering price updates to multiple trading workstations/processes simultaneously. Similar to FIX Adapted for Streaming (FAST) protocol we are using a market data-specific encoding method which significantly lowers bandwidth requirements by reducing the size of market data update messages. Advanced multithreading helps to utilize multiple processors efficiently.

Market data provider connectivity components are implemented as dynamic link libraries. We have built adapters for market data distributed by CME, ICE, CBOT, Liffe, HotSpot, EBS, Currenex, IKON, SIAC/Opra, TenFour, OpenTick, CQG, NSE, MCX, MCX-SX.

Market Data Feeder can be also integrated into a custom application using our Market Data API.

MD Feeder is written on C++ for optimal performance and portability. It runs on Linux and Windows. Source code licenses are avalable.

Market Data Distribution Server - Diagram