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Implementing Dodd-Frank

Implementing Dodd-Frank

Operating in New Dodd-Frank/EMIR Regulatory Environment

Are you an OTC market participant? Have you found yourself impacted by Title VII of Dodd-Frank Act? Or European Market Infrastructure Regulation? Are you looking for a way to submit your over-the-counter transactions for central clearing? Have you been considering building a Swap Execution Facility (SEF),or Organised Trading Facility (OTF)? Here is a quick and cost-efficient solution:

  • Argo Trading Platform (ATP) includes a high-performance matching engine (a.k.a. SimEx) and sophisticated risk management facility. It can be easily customized to become a core of your SEF or OTF system. We also provide Order Router (OMS), market data dissemination system, trading API, user-friendly trading and risk management front-ends.
  • ATP is instrument agnostic. It could become a single venue for your traders to execute sophisticated hedging strategies. We support exchange traded instruments, and can easily add support for OTC Interest Rate, Credit Default and Agricultural Swaps, OTC Metals, FX and Energy, and other OTC instruments.
  • Our pre-trade risk control facility provides real-time zero-latency risk check by implementing innovative inter-process communication mechanism. We use industry proven methods for risk checks and controls for specific instruments. At the same time, architecture of our risk control facility is easily extendable to support ever-evolving OTC contracts.
  • Argo Matching Engine publishes it’s order book changes using industry standard FIX/FAST protocol, fulfilling the CFTC requirement to provide public access to OTC transaction volume and pricing data.
  • We have firsthand experience with CME Clearport. CME ClearPort provides a means to submit off-exchange transactions into CME clearing. We have been successfully integrating Argo Trading Platform with CME ClearPort API within our customization projects. We can also easily customize ATP to provide connectivity to other major clearing houses.

Integration and Custom Development

Argo provides the highest level of expertise in custom development of high-performance trading solutions of various levels of complexity. We build order and execution management systems with portfolio management and algorithmic trading functionality, market simulation and testing systems, low latency market data distribution schemas for the most demanding trading environments.

Please contact us to request information about our current schedule and development fees.

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