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About Argo Software Engineering

Argo SE is a provider of highly efficient software for financial markets. We strive to produce innovative solutions and offer services that meet ever evolving needs of our customers. Our main focus is development of quality software components for our flagship product – instrument-agnostic, multi-user Argo Trading Platform.

Realizing the extreme importance of highest throughput, lowest latency and adaptability of financial data delivery mechanisms, we have designed RMCast — our own reliable multicast messaging system. Use of the most advanced communication techniques along with the industry standard FIX protocol gives our platform a cutting edge advantage over competitors.
Our team of talented software engineers has decades of combined first-hand experience in building and implementation of complex software systems. Our success is based on intensive use of object-oriented techniques, design patterns and best of breed communication frameworks. Our research and development is a continuous investment.

We offer simple proven solutions. We offer dedication and diligence. We offer success.

Our History

By Igor Zvenigorodsky, founder.

Argo SE has started as a one-person company back in 2004. Being involved in a number of software development projects for various trading firms I was unimpressed by infrastructural software components used in (under the hood of) trading applications. I felt that there was a lot of room for improvement, a need for a better solution. A solution that would communicate faster and more efficiently. Process data faster.
I have started from a key component that glues all the architectural elements together – multicast and topic-based messaging system, RMCast. RMCast was designed to satisfy high throughput, low latency, scalability and adaptability demands of modern market data distribution and real-time risk management systems and it became our first commercial product. Later on SimEx, a high capacity/low latency matching engine was added. By that time Argo was no longer a one-person company. It was a tightly knit team of three devoted software engineers working long hours and building a system from the very bottom up. Order management system and router, market data feeder, exchange connectivity modules, risk management facility followed, adding up to a complete, scalable, expandable, trading solution. A better solution.
Today we offer Argo Trading Platform – a complete electronic trading solution. Our clients are prop. trading companies, hedge funds, trading technology providers, broker-dealers and alternative trading systems, stock and commodity exchanges.
Our development teams are located in US and Ukraine. Our engineers have a lot in common – best education (at least masters degree in computer science from top engineering schools),
ability to solve difficult problems, passion for the art of computer programming.

We deliver best quality software with maximum efficiency and minimum overhead.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for talented software engineers to join our team.
Please check our current openings here.

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